2015 Venture Capital & Startup Traction Report by Mattermark (Pre-Order for Feb. 15th Release)

2015 Venture Capital & Startup Traction Report by Mattermark (Pre-Order for Feb. 15th Release)

Danielle Morrill

Mattermark collects data on over 1 million of the fastest growing private companies in the world. This report provides a data-driven exploration of the United States startup ecosystem.

100% of revenue from this report goes toward our journalism budget.

Editor’s note: Mattermark is ramping up its editorial operation, bringing in freelance writers to bolster our in-house staff. We like to pay for journalism, and we like to pay well for it. Of course that comes at a price.

Reports like this directly fill our freelance budget, helping us commission longer pieces, and pay support staff like copy editors. So, if you pick up this report, you are directly helping us publish more, and better work.

In This Report

Take an in-depth look at the funding events, growth signals, exits and other insights into the fastest growing private companies. The resources that flow into startups each year are a calculated risk on the part of investors, founders, employees, service-providers and everyone who stands to benefit from the proliferation of new product, better services, and saved time and money.

Understanding how businesses are created, funded, grown and ultimately rewarded with sustainability or an exit helps inform the conversations and actions for the coming years, and it is our hope you will read this report and combine it with your special knowledge of your industry, region, role and community as you charge forward into the New Year.

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Available on February 15, 2016 at 8:00 PM
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